About us

We’re a brother and sister team who run a leadership and organisational development consultancy in Adelaide, Australia. Think Better. Do Better. was born from our long-held fascination in the gap between what people know is worth doing, and what they *actually* do. No matter how deeply felt the longing to be better – calmer, healthier, braver, more motivated – than we are, our attempts to change are all too often characterised by short bursts of improvement, followed by a (most dispiriting!) return to the baseline.

Fortunately, over the past couple of decades the fields of neuroscience, psychology and behavioural economics have discovered a key culprit in our repeated failure to do better: our unconscious thinking system. While this super-fast system serves us beautifully most of the time, the speed at which it works results in significant systematic errors, often called unconscious biases.

Think Better. Do Better. aims to help people apply the safeguards and workarounds that have been shown to minimise the impact of these unseen errors. The tools and techniques we explore are almost all the work of far greater minds than ours, and we are by no means exemplars of their use – but our aim is improvement, not perfection! We hope you’ll join us in our quest to turn our longing to be better into being better – for ourselves, our communities and our world.